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Intrinsic Anatomy

The objectives of this presentation are to briefly review extrinsic extensors of the hand, review anatomy of intrinsics and mechanisms of action, review intrinsic related pathology, describe provocative positions to evaluate dysfunction, and describe ulnar negative dysfunction.
This video details technical tips and tricks when performing a revision ulnar nerve decompression and sub-muscular transposition after an initial review of cubital tunnel syndrome.
This surgical video details different tips and tricks in how to perform wrist arthroscopy using dorsal and volar portals.
Drs. Blood, Freniere and Evans debate the merits of in situ cubital tunnel release, anterior transposition, and supercharge AIN to ulnar motor nerve transfer, followed by a discussion of these procedures
This video shows the surgical technique for transradial amputation with TMR to the distal AIN for the median nerve and RPNI for other nerves
In this video, Dr Kakar from the Mayo Clinic discusses and demonstrates arthroscopic foveal TFCC repair.