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Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Tenodesis for Swan Neck Deformity Reconstruction

This video contains a brief background discussion on etiology and presentation of swan neck deformities followed by illustrative case presentation demonstrating surgical technique
Thumb carpal metacarpal joint (CMCJ) arthritis is common. Surgical denervation is an option for symptomatic CMCJ arthritis. Articular branches of denervation can be performed using a single volar incision. Synovectomy at the CMCJ can also be performed at the same time. Short recovery period is noted.
This video is of a lecture on zone I-V flexor tendon repairs, WALANT, complications, and tendon reconstruction.
Drs. Blood, Freniere and Evans debate the merits of in situ cubital tunnel release, anterior transposition, and supercharge AIN to ulnar motor nerve transfer, followed by a discussion of these procedures
The procedure describes using the extensor retinaculum flap to reconstruct the lax sheath of ECU in chronic instability.
This video demonstrates use of a dorsal V-Y island flap for treatment of incomplete, simple syndactyly. This technique allows for direct closure without need for skin grafting.